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Welcome to Santos Six

After many months of it staying stagnant and... Well dead... I decided to reopen the roleplay with a bit of a twist this time around. I'll do a TL;DR version here, but all will be explained in the Criminal Handbook which is where all ya need to know about the roleplay will be.
  1. There will not be a main storyline which everyone will have to partcipate. (However there will be a average outline on what is going on.
  2. In lieu of no main storyline, the story will be driven by you guys!
  3. No banning for inactivity.


After many months working abroad for a unknown paramilitary corporation, Dr Axel Taylor has been pardoned for his extreme action against a rogue IAA co-ordinator, including causing a rather large hole in the side of the IAA building in Downtown Los Santos and the co-ordinator's death. The news comes after deeming the entity known as 'The Santos Six' actions were a intense act of Patriotism. Upon recieving news of his pardoning he is now on his way back to Los Santos to find that it is still the same center of criminal activity, starry eyed actors and actresses and even more naive police officers thinking that law and order are attainable.
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