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After assassination attempts by gangs, former employees, former associates... After a failed attempt to startup another criminal organisation in Los Santos, everything has finally come to a close. Carla Cassel, former IAA Co-Ordinator/Director of the Anti-Gang Taskforce within San Andreas has been eliminated after five gruelling months of evasion and seperation of the former members of Santos Six. Axel, alongside his former friends, formed a small organisation which was running out of a small scrapyard in Blaine county. The purpose of the organisation was to regain control of the rampant streets of Los Santos by any means necessary. This was failed after Ms. Cassel targeted them and forced them to go into hiding. The leader of Santos Six, Dr. Axel Taylor along with Blake 'Blaze' Taberah, Damien Reid, Louis 'Speed' Johnson and the mysterious woman known as 'Broker' attacked the IAA building to finally silence her.


This victory was short lived however as Axel, not satisfied with Carla's death, left a message on the IAA database to reveal to the world Carla's shady actions and motives while she was still alive and that he and his associates were to be left alone to live in peace. This backfired and has unintentionally labelled the former Santos Six members as 'Domestic Terrorists', forcing a collaboration of the LSPD, IAA and FIB to hunt the former members down and neutralise them. Now ever vigilant of their actions the group is having to deal with not only staying out of the clutches of the government agencies, but to reform fractured relationships with each other after Axel's self-sabotage.
Santos Six Roleplay News 27th Nov 2016
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Santos Six Roleplay News

So I wanted to address a few things that have been brought up or seen as a potential issue in the future.

Santos Six Roleplay News 13th Nov 2016
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Santos Six Roleplay News


Admin Axel Taylor here to give you a update on recent changes to the website and a new system that has been put it. FOLLOW ME THIS WAY

Los Santos Gazette (7th Feb 2016)
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Los Santos Gazette

( Santos Six Roleplay News )
America's Next Top Stripper 2016 event at Vanilla Unicorn a hit
When we think of strippers we imagine the nasty sultry kind that turn to the corner after their shift to score some blow, but one business owner decided to rebrand the image of strippers into well-respected members of a establishment which main focus is on entertainment.

'Black Guy Helicopter' Viral Video hit with the rednecks
Rednecks around the country have PMSL'ed and LMAO'ed
so hard that the internet has ended up that the spread of idiocy has become unbearable.

Santos Six Roleplay News 10th Dec 2015
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Santos Six Roleplay News

With the recent announcement of the 'Executives and Others Criminals' update has yielded a very interesting concept which might be applicable to our roleplay. Along with this I will be making multiple additions to the website after a maintenance closure.

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