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Welcome to Santos Six

After many months of it staying stagnant and... Well dead... I decided to reopen the roleplay with a bit of a twist this time around. I'll do a TL;DR version here, but all will be explained in the Criminal Handbook which is where all ya need to know about the roleplay will be.
  1. There will not be a main storyline which everyone will have to partcipate. (However there will be a average outline on what is going on.
  2. In lieu of no main storyline, the story will be driven by you guys!
  3. No banning for inactivity.


After many months working abroad for a unknown paramilitary corporation, Dr Axel Taylor has been pardoned for his extreme action against a rogue IAA co-ordinator, including causing a rather large hole in the side of the IAA building in Downtown Los Santos and the co-ordinator's death. The news comes after deeming the entity known as 'The Santos Six' actions were a intense act of Patriotim. Upon recieving news of his pardoning he is now on his way back to Los Santos to find that it is still the same center of criminal activity, starry eyed actors and actresses and even more naive police officers thinking that law and order are attainable.
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6 hours ago John Campbell replied to the topic Know The Law (LSPD/Security Personnel Database)
An investigations takes place but where could it lead too...
17 hours ago John Campbell replied to the topic Know The Law (LSPD/Security Personnel Database)
Cracks lined the walls, ash covered the ground and smoke surrounded the cold dam...
3 days ago John Campbell replied to the topic Know The Law (LSPD/Security Personnel Database)
Name: John Campbell Age: 27 D.O.B: 21 July 1990 Nationality: White American Occu...
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(This is only a part of my characters story please enjoy)

El principio

Let me tell you now a boy loses everything and gets what he wants. Let's some up how it starts. This story starts in Queretaro, Mexico. Sicario named Popeye aka Juan Emillio Herrera Meet a young woman named Ana belen Bazan. They have a child together and name him Ren Herrera. Born into a nice family father drove a truck works all day and his mother takes care of him. Everything seems like it will be great until one day I noticed his dad didn't leave for work he was pacing back and forth around the room talking with my mom in a panicked voice. I was too young to understand I was 3 at the time. All I knew is that something isn't right. One day my mother and I left to the store my mama was getting me a new toy for my 4th Birthday. I got a ball, and walking home I was overwhelmed to just show it to my father. When my mother opened the door she screamed. We had returned home to find my fa
27th Aug Duncan replied to the topic Know Your Friends
Name: Olivia Duncan Alias: Duncan Place of Birth: St. Cloud, Minnesota USA Da...
22nd Aug Louis "Speed" Johnson replied to the topic Know Your Friends LSPD POLICE DATABASE FILE Personal Details ...
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17th Aug High Priority - Blake "Blaze" Taberah (XB1/PC) replied to the topic Know Your Friends
Subject: Blake “Blaze” Taberah D.O.B: September 23rd, 1991 Legal Status: Blak...
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16th Aug Austin "Winnipeg" - Missing replied to the topic Know The Law (LSPD/Security Personnel Database)
Name: Adriel Gael Age: 20 D.O.B: 16th August 1992 Nationality: Caucasian, Canadi...
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