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Who Are You?
off we need to know your character. In the 'Know Your Friends' Section of the Criminal Guide, post a reply to the topic (not in the comments) about who your character is.

The minimum amount of information you must include;
  • Character's name
  • Age
  • D.O.B
  • P.O.B
  • Criminal History/Law Enforcement History
  • Employment (If any)
  • Brief history

How do I show my work?
Next, in order to show your work we will need to see what the crew will call a 'journal entry'. Journal entries are created using IMGUR albums, you take pictures using GTA's Snapmatic of like a scene in the journal. You give a pretty annotation to what is going on in the scene and then share it in the 'What You Been Up To?" Section on the forum. For a idea of how to do a journal Click Here.

First Steps
Alright, you've read up on the basics, and are ready to get started, here's how. First step is to identify if you are going to be a criminal or part of the Law Enforcement, when that is done you will be assigned as a rank to that corresponding group and all you need to do is create a biography in the 'Know Your Friends' segment of the forum. After every member's name is a small indicator showing which platform or platforms they are active on, you can use this to identify who is on the same platform as you. This will help you get to know folks on the same platform as you, play games and create journals etc.

We primarily use Discord to communicate to each other, a messaging application which can be found here. When you download the application, message one of the advisors and they will send you a invite link to the group chat.

Mission Guidelines
There is not really any mission to speak of, there is not going to be a active storyline which needs to be followed at all. The only storyline is one's which you personally create for yourself, if you however want to collaborate with another rolepalyer to create a storyline together that is perfectly alright to do so too.

Acceptable activities

First off, going too far over the top is still out, your not gonna parachute into Fort Zancudo, single handedly shoot your way through an army, then set off a nuclear bomb during your daring escape.
That said, the new rules allow you to get pretty damn close to doing that, as parachuting into zancudo under the cover of darkness, with a team at your side, sneaking through the base to steal some expensive gadget, then having a frantic shootout during your escape where your team is outnumbered and outgunned (because let's be real, they're gonna have the bigger guns, and they're gonna outnumber you), that's acceptable.
These rules are purposefully left open ended, in an effort to avoid putting unnecessary restrictions on our members. If your wondering whether a mission Is too over the top or not, ask an advisor, they'll be happy to inform you whether you'll have to tone it down a bit, or if your good to go.

Strict requirements
These requirements are non-negotiable, and must be met by any mission
1. There's gotta be a reason.
Pretty simple, you've gotta have a reason for whatever your doing. The normal go to reason is money, someone's paying you to do this, or your stealing something you'll get cash for. Alternative reasons, like it being prep for another mission that brings in cash, or it being in retaliation are fine too, within reason.
2. Do NOT mess with other members characters (without permission)
Using another members character without their go ahead is a big no no. we're all on the same side here, so don't be claiming another member is a traitor we've gotta kill, a rat, kidnapped, injured in a fight, etc, unless they give you the go ahead to do so.

1. The storyline is purposefully set up so that we can be working for or against any faction in Los santos at any time, take advantage of this and vary your targets and clients, you can be stealing bikes from the ballas for The Lost one day and stealing meth from The Lost the next day, then running guns across the desert for Madrazo's cartel the day after that. So feel free to mix things up.
2. Get others involved.
Collaboration is big here and other members might be able to build on your ideas to make something even more fun.
3. Be creative.
These rules are open ended for a reason, just because your idea doesn't fit into the traditional 'go here, shoot these guys, steal this' archetype doesn't mean we won't allow it. New, unusual, and creative ideas are celebrated here.
4. It doesn't always have to be huge.
We all love the action packed stuff where your skydiving, fighting hordes of enemies, and walking away from explosions in slow motion, but not every mission has to be that, shootouts with street gangs and robbing liquor stores have their place, and shouldn't be ignored
5. Not every mission has to end in a shootout.
There's something to be said about the subtle approach, even here, instead of throwing on a ski mask and holding the driver of that truck at gunpoint midway through his route, why not throw on a trucker hat and flannel shirt and sneak into the depot it's staying at, talking your way past anyone who gets suspicious, forging some paperwork, and driving away with it in broad daylight, leaving no one any the wiser.

Please note! As the crew develops this will change. If the management fail to change this please notify us.

'Sometimes in life, you just need to light up a cigarette and walk on by. Other times you need to get a scapel to cut the tumour out.'

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