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11th Dec 2016

The steps up to station are clean and sleek, much like the exterior, attempting to match the modern asthetic the building. You walk on in and get greeted by a foul looking desk sergeant. She palms you off to another lowly subordinate who walks you through to the Captain of the Precinct. He congratulates you on your new position and gives you a gun and your individual badge.

"Welcome to the Los Santos Police Department"

'Sometimes in life, you just need to light up a cigarette and walk on by. Other times you need to get a scapel to cut the tumour out.'

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3rd Aug 2017

Name: Alastair Hart
Age: 24
D.O.B: 29th September 1992
Nationality: White American
Occupation: Security Operative
Brief History: 

  • Graduated from University of Los Santos with a AAS in Public Safety and Security.
  • Employed by Gruppe Sechs Corporate Security Company as a Security Operative since 2014.
  • Alastair's main forte is Close Protection Services and Security Management.
  • His main job is doorman as at The Vault.
  • Maintains residence in North Los Santos on the hill.
  • Trained in Firearm and Hostage Negotiation.
  • Gun permit for a Wide Body 1911 and a H&K P7M10
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4th Aug 2017

Name Dan King
Age 25

I grew up on the streets of Compton around a lot of gangs. When I was 11 I joined my first gang and from that day on I was never safe. I was always being looked for by rival gangs and by the time I was 14 I knew that I couldn't take it anymore so I turned myself in when I was in court the judge gave me two choices jail or the military I picked the military. I got shipped out two weeks later. I fought for the US military for a few years and my commander came up to me one day and told me that he thought I would make a good cop. I listened to him and now I'm here
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16th Aug 2017

Name: Adriel Gael
Age: 20
D.O.B: 16th August 1992
Nationality: Caucasian, Canadian-American

Brief History: 

  • Born in ///////, a small town on the Canadian-American Border.
  • Graduated from the University of LS
  • Trained at LSPD Academy, Fresh to the force

Residence: (To be assigned).

Current Case: (To be assigned).

Detailed History: Though I was born in ///////, my family moved to Los Santos when i was in middle school. I wasn't really a stand out student but I also wasn't the worst, the same goes for the way others at the school treated me, I was just someone who kinda blended in with the rest of society; A blurry unfocused section of the bigger picture. However I didn't want to live that kind of life as most would say in my position. I aspired to be bigger and known to the world, that's when I met my close friend Daniel. Daniel was the type of kid who wanted nothing more than to grow up and be an "Upholder of Justice" as he would put it. We did a lot together, laughed and lost together, hell we got laid together by a pair of twins. Well I'm getting off track here... I always admired Daniel, I guess that's why it hurt so much when he was killed in front of me... You see Daniel;  he, he got involved in something he really shouldn't have. He caught a couple of what we thought were thugs trying to smuggle something through LS. "Come on Adriel, this'll be my debut case!" he said to me one night, I was foolish enough to come along, I thought he was just trying to pull a fast one on me because we stopped at a Burger Shot to grab some food for our "steak out". Needless to say a couple punk kids munching on burgers in a Prius wasn't much of a 'Debut Case' in my mind. We sat in an alley nearby and waited for at least a couple hours, eventually some men shuffled out of an apartment exit carrying a large human sized bag, that was when I knew we were starting to get in over our heads.
 "Is that a body bag?", I mumbled to him. 
"Beats me, but we're going to find out".
"Look Dan, maybe we should call the police for this, I don't trust this".
"I thought you wanted to make a name for yourself?"
"Yeah, I also wanna live to eat another day".
"Shhh" He hissed, as the men climbed into the back of a mule with their bag and began to drove off.
"Let's tail em" Dan said, as He turned the key bringing the car to life.
"Dan I'm telling you this is too dangerous man"
"and I'm telling you this is a big break for the both of us"
Completely ignoring my advice he advanced after the mule.
We ended up following them to a warehouse out in East-LS. We parked in an alley across the street to avoid suspicion, we thought they hadn't noticed us, we were so wrong. Once Dan had convinced me to get a closer look and we had moved in, we got jumped and knocked out before we could even speak a word.
I.. I'm not going into detail on what I saw in  there, it was mostly foggy and my consciousness kept cutting in out, but I' remember  one part vividly. They gave Daniel a choice, me or him. I then watched someone who was a brother to me have the head beaten into paste before everything went to black for me again. I woke up in the alley we had our little steak out in. I almost could have thought it was just a nightmare, but as I got up I noticed the blood and bits of... ----

I decided to take up his mantle and do what he couldn't. I would become one of Los Santos' best, and I swore that I'd never let anyone have to make the choice Daniel made that day.

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Illegal Money: $0
Legal Money: $3,112,650
Owned Vehicles: Big Burtha, S.S. Peg
Owned Property:Blaze's Scrapyard
Income: $10 000 Clean, $0 Dirty

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13th Dec 2017

Name: John Campbell
Age: 27
D.O.B: 21 July 1990
Nationality: White American
Occupation: Detective I, LSPD
Brief History:

- Born and raised in Los Santos
- Moved away to Liberty City to Study at Uni, however after ended up joining the police force in Liberty City.
- After a few years in the force was transferred back to Los Santos where he worked mainly in Rockford Hills.
- Was promoted to Detective I shortly after large scale arrests of corrupt IA agents involved in organised crime.
- Now apart of the Organised Crime Team, Detective John Campbell lives on Liberty Street, Del Perro.

Car - Unmarked Matte Black Cruiser
Weapon of choice - Standard LSPD Pistol.
Clothing - Average navy suit, white shirt.

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I never lie to any man because I don’t fear anyone. The only time you lie is when you are afraid.

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16th Dec 2017

Cracks lined the walls, ash covered the ground and smoke surrounded the cold damp room, Detective John Campbell sat with his legs up in his office slowly taking away years off his life with every puff of his redwood cigarettes. On his desk lay files upon files as he sifted through attempting to find one in-particular and then exhaling deeply he picked one up and opened it, observing every word closely as if every word meant got him closer to unveiling a mass murderer or a serial killer. However, in actuality he was reading the file of his current informants and their progress, nothing really interesting but more boring than anything... Well at least he had informants.

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I never lie to any man because I don’t fear anyone. The only time you lie is when you are afraid.

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16th Dec 2017

An investigations takes place but where could it lead too...

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I never lie to any man because I don’t fear anyone. The only time you lie is when you are afraid.

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