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1st Aug 2015

You are walking down Del Perro Beach, hearing whispers of a old crew which was making it's standing in Los Santos slowly fade into obscurity. You came here every weekend, hoping to get a glimpse of someone from organisation would appear. Months go went by... No show each time. One evening while the sun begins to set, you stand on the edge of the pier staring out in the abyss of the ocean. A stranger comes up beside you, cigarette in his mouth. Looking much like a punk, you just ignore him.
"What brings you out here?" the man asks, hiding his gaze behind the gun glasses. You turn to the man and tell him how you have been searching for people, how you have just lost hope in trying to get a snippet of what 'The Life' was like.
"I was like you once..." his mouth slowly sparking into a smile.
"That desperation to have some excitement, to get paid well for it aswell... There has been rumors that something else is coming..." Your eyebrow raises, turning to face this mysterious gentleman.
"Where are my manners, my name is Dr. Taylor. What's yours?"

'Sometimes in life, you just need to light up a cigarette and walk on by. Other times you need to get a scapel to cut the tumour out.'

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10th Aug 2015

My name is Joseph, i'm 31. I was born in Mexico,Ciudad. It is one of the most dangerous place in Mexico, where going out your house meant risking your life! As I grew up I trained myelf to be a soldier. When I saw how skillful i was i started to hire myself out to local drug rings for proteciton and guards for their drug run. Now I have managed to leave the country and moved to los santos and now I'm loooking for a crew to give my skills! I also have good skills in making someone whos a problem disapear and never come back!
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Dirty Money: $0
Clean Money: $1,218,000
Vehicles Owned: Vulcar Warrener
Business's Owned: Crown's Motel
Housing Owned: N/A
Income: $43,000

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11th Aug 2015

Jimmy "Lost" Valence/Deniro "The Crow" Rascolov

Deniro “The Crow” Rascolov/Jimmy “lost” Valence

Jimmy worked hard in his teen years and dated a women Erica Razgul. During a mafia wipe out, the Acerbi Crime family sent a hitman who whacked Erica and her family. This pissed Jimmy off and he vowed to find the man who did it, Nick Xero.

Jimmy’s journey took him to Washington D.C, working for Vladislav “Vlad” Kozak. During his work Vlad dubbed Jimmy the name of Deniro “The Crow” Rascolov. Giving Jimmy a brand new start, with no one knowing him, he quickly became part of a organized crime organization, and After a few small jobs. Bain the leader of gave Rascolov a chance with a new payday gang, because the old 16 person crew were either retired or in prison.

Deniro’s crew was himself,Jack Griffin, Valcone Sirano, Carson Willis. Pulling off five big heists; (Tavani Mob Stash),(Golden Grin),(Cerone Mob Stash),(Scaletta mob stash),(Gold depository) was enough to get Bain and compromised. Bain allowed everyone to leave alive, so Deniro and his crew parted ways and Deniro with his money headed to California Los Angeles.

Upon arriving a Tavani wise guy met up with Deniro days after and had him get into his car. The wise guy told Deniro about how he knew who he was, so the wise guy offered work. In return Deniro would get help finding Nick Xero, after much hard work the wise guy formally introduced himself as Vito “The Hawk” Masa. Deniro and Vito were almost like brothers, but eventually Deniro made the choice to go on his own with the dons permission of course.

Vito "The Hawk" Masa
Vito was born and raised in Naples, Italy on the date of February 3rd, 1986. Vito was a very ambitious child, he worked hard to get what he wanted and when he was 18 moved to Los Angeles. After a few weeks in the city he met Fredo Tavani a caporegime of the Tavani crime familia at the time. Fredo gave Vito the hardest jobs imaginable just to test his loyalties. He got arrested on a charge of breaking and entering, but the charges were later dropped due to the homeowners denying it ever happened. When Vito was 27 he finally became a made man within the crime family and his friend Fredo became the Underboss of the family as well.

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13th Aug 2015

Name: Dr. Axel Taylor A.K.A. Bellerophon
Age: 29
D.O.B: 8th October 1986
Nationality: White British
Occupation: Unemployed
Brief History:
  • Graduated from University College London Medical School at 22.
  • Employed by Omega Paramiltary Contractors as a medic.
  • Pulled out after 4 years due to disagreement with management on personal issues.
  • Employed by security company in Los Santos linked with criminal organisation 'Crime Corporation'.
  • Advocate and supporter of Medicinal Marijuana.
  • (Off the Record) Axel was kidnapped by Omega Paramiltary Contractors before the termination of Crime Corporation. (Journal entry here)
  • (Off the Record) He has been paying subsidaries to a IAA official to keep him out of jail and to keep his friends safe from any negative feedback they might recieve from the authorities.
  • Axel was pardoned for criminal activities against the IAA, due to a investigative commission finding that the Santos Six's actions were deemed patrotic against corruption.

Psyche Profile (Therapist)

Axel has be diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder with results in auditory and visual flashbacks to his time in the PMC. He has been prescribed medicinal marijuana, which has been treated by medical experts to limit psychosis, to help with sleeping and anxiety. On the surface, Axel has a calm demeanour and is very pleasant when talking to people.

Omega Paramiltary Profile

Name: Axel Taylor Codename: Bellephron
Task Force: Delta Squad Position: Sniper, Field medic
Previous history: Doctor in Medicine from London Medical, no prior miltary training.

Psych Profile

Axel has a array of multiple skills that has made him a valued member of the team, from being a valued sniper and medic. Sometimes creates delusions of grandeur which is well known within the Delta Squad. Axel is also [Omitted] which did land him in issues with the male members of the squad. But despite his [omitted] he is considered a well rounded member of the team.

Training Specifics
Close Quarters Firefight: Has a strong affinity with pistols only, Submachine Guns he will rarely use and finds shotguns sometimes too clumsy.
Mid-range Firefight: Persistence in using pistols,
Long Range/ Snipering: Unnaturally accurate, background in medicine makes him incredible lethal.
Close Quarter Combat: Medicine background allows Axel to inflict the maximum amount of pain while keeping his opponent alive.
Stealth Infiltration: Trained for desert and forest infiltrations
Stealth Assassination: Again, a beautiful surgeon.
Field Medic: Medical background makes Axel a increasingly valuable asset within Delta. Keeping patient alive for as long as possible. Note: Consideration to test interrogation techinques.
Strategy/Organisation Skills: On multiple occasions Axel has approached a siutation as a leader, despite the chain of command. Delta Squad has perferred his methods of engagement to their Squad leader.

Served 6 months in Iraq on private contract from the U.S. to secure villages and eliminate any potential dissidents (terrorists) Served 6 months out in (omitted).
Served 2 years at Mirawa on Operation: Chimera.

In Iraq, 13 commendations on his abilties as a sniper, surviving torture for a month and most notably his perfect execution of (omitted).

Operation Chimera

Operation Chimera was a internal matter within Omega PMC. Funding was being misplaced and used in illict activites going under the alias 'Chimera' such as: Drugs, Human Trafficking, Gun Running etc.

Contract Termination

During Operation: Chimera, Delta was tasked with removal and execution of high priority targets associated with Chimera. Axel failed to execute orders on a traitor which led back to information back to a U.S. City in San Andreas area. He was discharged honourably due to his previous service.
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'Sometimes in life, you just need to light up a cigarette and walk on by. Other times you need to get a scapel to cut the tumour out.'

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20th Aug 2015

Subject Name:    Tyrese Jones 

Current Location:  Unknown

Nicknames:  "Ty", "T.J", "Ma Nigga", "T-Money", "T-Dog"  

Aliases: "Logan Taylor", the identity of a deceased friend, used to avoid using his own name on his properties, and any other legal documents.

DOB:    20/11/1987

Height:  6,0 

Weight:   170 LBS 

Place of Birth:    Croydon, London, England. 

Ethnicity/Race:   Black/African English

Job:  Cameraman for Weasel News Network (cover)

Business ventures:
- Route 69 Los Santos Customs  (former)
- Vanilla Unicorn  (former)

- Sharpshooter     - Hitman  (former)   
- Comic Relief     - Pilot (Airplane, Intermediate)  
- Fighter  (former)  -  Loveable Rogue
- Drug Specialist/Trafficker  (former)

- Afraid of heights 
- Overly confident
- Family in the public eye

Known Relations: 
Rachel Jones (mother) - Unemployed - London 
Raymond "Ray-J" Jones (father) -  (Deceased)
Aidan Jones (brother) - Police Officer - London
Jon Mason (stepfather) - Police Chief - London
Diana Roswell (lover) - Weasel News Lead Reporter -  Unknown
Jonathon Jones (son) - Unknown

Organisations:  Santos Six,  Unnamed London street gang (former)
Los Compositores  (former) , Crime Corp. (former)

Criminal Record:  

"Kidnapping" a herd of cows:  1997 - (Therapy) - seen here and here
Possession of multiple large Class A drugs:   2001 - Community Service
Grand Theft Auto:  2003  - Suspended Sentence

Drug trafficking:   2006 – Life imprisonment  - (served <1 year)

Murder:  2006 – Life imprisonment  - (served <1 year)

Prison Break:  2007

Recent Criminal Activity:

As far as his criminal record goes, Tyrese has been silent and even presumed dead after his mysterious exit from the UK years ago. 

In reality, since his daring escape from prison, Tyrese has traveled around the world and tried to set up a life of normality, but has often had to relocate. Various reports have speculated that he has been operating in Los Santos as of 2014, and had been linked as being a high ranking member of a large former crime organisation known as the Crime Corporation, as well as a member of the Santos Six, who were branded "domestic terrorists".

During his time in Los Santos, Tyrese has had possible links to multiple murders, drug trafficking, a heist of a Blaine County Savings Bank, and much, much more.  Tyrese also ran a few shady practices within the Vanilla Unicorn strip club, of which he was the former proprietor.

But, once again, this is all only speculation.

Current Life:

Tyrese Jones owns a home at 3654 Wild Oats Rd. in the Vinewood Hills, where he previously with his girlfriend Diana Roswell (who is also an ex-criminal turned reporter), before having to rent the place out when  Diana was promoted to Lead International Reporter.

The family of three have since been travelling all over the world, with Tyrese posing as one of Diana's camera crew to avoid suspicion. This life is a welcome break for the two of them, but it won't last forever.

If the opportunity arises, they would surely be open to a return to a life of crime. After all, it's what they do best...
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31st Aug 2015

Subject Name: Bruno "Mad Hatter"

Other known names: "Mad Hatter" "Mad H" "Hatter" , (Police Records) "Bruno"

Age: 38

Height: 6,2

Place of Birth: sicily.

Race: Italian

Organisations: Don Calo's descendant, Crime Corp. (former),

Criminal Record:

10 counts of Torture between 1900 '- 2000

Grand Theft Auto: 2001

Drug possession and dealing: 2002

Prison Break: 2003

Caught and served 3 more years:

Nearly two years for IAA related reasons.

Recent Activity:

I am just a brainwashed agent who suffered torture for 10 years, money or no money as long as their is blood involved I'm at your side. Torture or murder are my specialities, if that helps, but I wouldn't like to be called agent Bruno seeing as it brings back good of the death but not the right good memories. I look forward to killing, when I came out of the brain washing i didn't know what to do and gave the rest of my life to torturing for a classified organisation in wales then moved to Ireland helping the IRA since my ma was from there I slept on the streets and became a ghost, searched for by british and Russians alike. So now you know a little more about my, um, 'pleasant past' and I'll leave you to see if my 'particular' skills are to your liking.
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I never lie to any man because I don’t fear anyone. The only time you lie is when you are afraid.

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1st Sep 2015


Suspect Information:

Name: Louis "Speed" Johnson

Nicknames/Alias: Lou, Speed, LJ

Place Of Birth: Manchester, England

D.O.B: 3/5/84 (Age as of 1/9/15: 31)

Height: Unknown .


Employment: Self Employed (formerly a mechanic and Marketer)

Criminal Record:

2000: Failing to stop at the scene of an accident/ Driving without due care - Fine Paid

2001: Attempted GBH with a deadly weapon (Metal bat) - 6 months community service

2002: Drink driving/ Reckless endangerment - Suspended sentence 

2003: Illegal street racing - 2 year licence ban, Vehicle seized and crushed 

2003: Driving with a suspended licence, No insurance - 3 month jail sentence 

2004: Attempted Robbery - 6 month jail sentence

2005: Breaking and Entering - Court ordered anger management sessions

2006: Breaking restraining order - Extension of the order, Fine

2006: Theft of a vehicle - Warrant out for arrest 
(Note- This occurred in Liberty City)

2007: Assault, Possession of a deadly weapon - 2 warrants issued for arrest 

Suspect Description:
Born into a working class family, Louis developed an addiction to cars at an early age. After graduating high school with mainly B's, he became an apprentice mechanic. At 16 gained his licence but was arrested only 2 months later for a hit and run incident involving another car. In 2001, Louis was again arrested after threatening a co-worker with a bat. He was promptly sacked. In 2002, was arrested while driving three times over the legal limit. Louis later became involved in underground racing but was arrested and had his licence suspended and car crushed. However, he was arrested for driving a friends car while still banned. He served 3 months inside. With little money and no job, Louis moved to America in early 2004 and quickly fell into crime. Was picked up twice in two years on robbery related charges but is suspected of multiple robberies during this period. His ex-girlfriend filed a restraining order in early 2006, which Louis promptly ignored claiming she was in danger. This was never proven. Has 3 warrants out for his arrests for theft, assault and possession of a deadly weapon. PROCEED WITH CAUTION IF SEEN, HE IS CONSIDERED ARMED AND DANGEROUS.

Suspect traits:
Loudmouthed, determined and violent if angered.
Excels at driving and is suspected as the getaway driver in multiple robberies and shootings.
Can speak Spanish and has took IT lessons while in America.
Uses a Heavy Pistol as his favored weapon


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Dirty Money: $5,000
Clean Money: $25,850.00
Vehicles Owned: Sultan RS, Dewbauchee Rapid GT (THE GOD-DAMN SPY CAR!)
Property Owned: 3 Bedroom house in El Burro Heights, Co-owner of Gavs Cash Exchange (Fence Racket)
Gamertag: Petrolhead999

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11th Oct 2015

A man by the name of Damien Reid stood looking outside a window at a horrible looking neighborhood with a bottle of whiskey in one hand. He took a swig. He had a lighter in his other hand and an unlit cigarette held between his teeth. He set the bottle of whiskey down on the nearby coffee table. He walked out the front door of his house and lit his cigarette. He got into a truck and started driving down to the pier.

He got out of his truck and walked around on the beach for a while until the sun started to to set. He made his way under the boardwalk and waited for about one minute. There was a click of a gun and shortly after the click, cold metal was pressed to the back of Damien’s head. Damien could hear a male British man say something but he couldn’t make it out. Instead Damien was getting frightened. On the act of instinct Damien slammed his elbow into the man behind him. He heard the gun fall into the sand and scrambled to grab it. He brought the gun up pointing it toward the way he thought the man was. Only to find that the British man had a backup gun and was pointing it at Damien’s head. The men stood in a standoff until more cold metal was pressed against the back of Damien’s head yet again.

“Stand down or I will shoot you. Put the gun on the ground and step away.” A woman’s voice said.

“I… I… I’m sorry.” Damien stammered. Damien let his arms drop at his sides and the gun fell out of his hands into the sand. The British man pushed Damien back forcefully and the woman picked up the dropped gun. She stuck her own gun into a hip holster. She handed the gun left in her hand to the man who kept one of his arms pointing his second gun at Damien. He slipped the gun he was handed into the back of his jeans and lowered his arm a little.

Meanwhile Damien dropped to the ground and put his face in his hands.

“What’s your name?” The woman asked.

“Damien Reid.”

“Tell us about you then… Unless, you aren’t interested.” The man said raising his eyebrow.

“Well, my life was normal, or as normal as you can get, when I was in school, I would stand up for the kids getting bullied. I almost always was suspended for minor to major injuries of the bullies. When I was of age, I went into the air force and learned how to fly and I learned ground combat. A lot of my brothers were killed. Once I was out of the service I was glad, but after awhile I wanted to go back into some sort of combat, I loved the feeling of being able to take someones life away. So, naturally I joined a PMC. Now this PMC was a small one, a very small one. Everyone in the PMC went on OPs. We were overseas in the desert helping with war efforts. We cleared strongholds and command centers. But once we underestimated the power of the enemy, so much so that everyone was wiped out except for me. I don’t believe I should have got out alive, but somehow I did. I don’t know how many people I killed but I liked it.” Damien explained. The man and woman listened intently. Damien continued with his story.

“When I got back to the U.S. I wanted to be alone, or as alone as possible. Now, there really aren’t many jobs that give you isolation. But there is one that interested me, being a lighthouse keeper. So I applied and got the job. There was going to be another man staying in the lighthouse with me. Everything was fine at first, but then I started having flashbacks and I would start to relive it, like I would start to attack the other man like he was a enemy. Usually the other man was able to hold me down and keep me safe until it was over, but one time he wasn’t able to do that. I ended up stabbing him to death. I moved his body to a room, washed myself off and went along in my day, turning the light on at night like always. I still kept having the flashbacks, I don’t know what kept happening but the one night I didn’t turn the light on, a few boats came to check in, and when they saw me they were terrified, I don’t remember it, but this was what I was told by the officer that had interrogated me. He told me his personal experience with it too, when he went to put me in handcuffs, he said I fought a lot and I was dangerous because I had a knife that was dripping blood. He told me that the body of the other man had been stabbed well over a hundred times. I know I couldn’t have done that when I first killed him, the officer told me that I had apparently been revisiting the body when I had these flashbacks and stabbing him over and over again. I was scared of myself after that. When they were done talking to me, they realized I was kinda sorta unstable. They put me in a mental hospital where they believe I got better, but I think it just made it worse, being in an enclosed environment where I can’t wander freely, almost being like a prisoner. I was in there for maybe three years? I started to act like I was getting better, like trying to get on their good side like a POW would try to befriend his captors in order to survive, I felt that way. They let me out and I’ve been out for around six months and I’m looking to get back to what I love.” Damien looked up with a wicked half grin on his face. The two were still looking at him.

“Well, I guess the question is, are you in?” The man asked him.

“Of course.” Damien replied. The man offered Damien his hand and pulled him up from the ground.

“Welcome aboard.” The woman said. She spoke with the man in a hushed tone about having to go leave on business. Damien realized that the woman had bandages around her arm and leg. Without control Damien burst out a question.

“What happened to you?” He blurted.

“People tried to kill me.” The woman glanced at him with a hard stare. She nodded in the other man's direction and walked off without giving Damien a second glance.

“Well, if you would like to know. I’m Dr. Axel Taylor, and that was Duncan. Welcome. We will have jobs for you soon.” Axel said. The doctor extended his hand again and Damien shook it.

Damien started to drive back home, but at a red light looked down at his clothes and realized it was like he was living in a cave. He had enough money where he could go buy a suit. He stopped at a Ponsonbys and tried on various suits. He finally found one he liked. He had bought a black overcoat with a charcoal business shirt, charcoal tie, black leather gloves, black suit pants, all black oxfords and a black fedora to cover his head.

Damien walked out of the store and slipped on his sunglasses, he was a new man with a job he truly loved since his days in the military and PMC.

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"Sit tall in the saddle, hold your head up high, keep your eyes fixed where the trail meets the sky and live like you aren't afraid to die. Don't be scared, just enjoy your ride." - Chris LeDoux

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15th Nov 2015

You enter the room where information on all the members is, You've come to learn about your allies, or possibly your leaders. As you're sifting through various documents, files and what not you notice a USB sitting on a nearby table. You wander over to it and get a closer look, In black marker across the top it reads "Winnipeg". You've heard of him, he's one of the top dogs, a higher up in the organization. You're curios to see what could be on this USB so you insert it into one of the nearby computers. It takes a few seconds to realize what you've done. and when you do realize it, it's too late. The device corrupts the computer, You try to shut it off but it doesn't work, not even a cold reset. You go to unplug the computer but stop as you notice the screen flicker and a window open. It reads "Winni.exe" . You try at the mouse and it works, You seem to have some control over the computer again, just enough to explore this strange window that had opened...

 -------------- WINNI.exe ----------------

         [  Police report ]

          [ Evidence (LSPD) ]
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Illegal Money: $0
Legal Money: $3,112,650
Owned Vehicles: Big Burtha, S.S. Peg
Owned Property:Blaze's Scrapyard
Income: $10 000 Clean, $0 Dirty

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29th Nov 2015

My name is Mikey Ravenloft, I go by the streetname of "Lich", it means corpse in german so I have heard. I am the current acting president of the Lost Motorcycle club and I used to work in a crew known as the Mercanti Family as a hitman. The Don asked me once to think of five creative ways to get rid of a body and so I gave him nine. I've also killed for my club. I once killed eight of our rivals by myself when they were harassing my ol' lady. If you wish to know more about me than feel free to ask.

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Who do that voodoo huju that you do? Noone that is who. Hocus pocus, smoke it up cause I feel the loa like the links of a boa around my throat, like the tentacles of Cthulhu.

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5th Dec 2015

                                                                        Richie Scorsese

How you doin fella's? Names Richie Scorsese...Some people might know me me as Richie Soprano.
In our line of work it's important to have aliases. And i'm here to tell you how I earned mine.
I was born the eldest of four in an apartment block near Honkers in Alderney Liberty City.
 Being a baby boy,my old man was over the moon, and told anyone who would listen that i'd follow in is footsteps and get into "the life" . As far as getting into the life would go..I would follow his footsteps into it for sure...Luckily for me though....that's as far down his path as I went. 
He was gunned down in a hit that was meant for his buddy,he was just collateral damage,which in this line of work? Is certainly a thing that happens. Rather than eat myself up with dreams of finding his killer and seeking out revenge. I understood the ways of our people, I also understood that whoever did this,if they were still alive,they'd have there eyes on me,so i acted out,to me...I was already made,i treated everyone like a civilian,as if i had the right to take what I pleased. At first...this was hardly a big deal,i'd steal car radios(the old 2 in 1 cassette types!) sell them for good money too,for a young punk who didn't have a pot to piss in...I'd go out robbing on Friday n Saturday nights while everyone was busy letting there hair down,they wouldn't notice they'd been done over till the Monday at least! It was a beutiful thing,but nothing lasts forever. I was growing up faster than most due to the fact I was always out there in the city streets "grafting" as we called it. 
By the time I was in my late teens I was stealing cars to order for the old Italians that ran the neighborhood...The Mafia.
they treated me good and I was making more money than the teachers who tried n failed to reach me during my brief spell at high school. Little did I know,life was as good as it was gonna get for me in Alderney....

"Hey Richie! How the fuck ya doin? Still out playing with cars like a kid? "He don't got the balls! Why even ask him boss?"  I knew the voices well, It was the acting boss of the Alderney family Jimmy the saint Galleano and his wizecracking no2 Vincent Curtolla...."What's this your on about?" I  replied. "Just a thing that's goin down next tuesday,you want in...or no? said Vincent...I noticed the tone was no longer jovial,and clearly I was on a need to know basis and as far as they were concerned...i didnt need to know....that's when i said two little words...barely even words...that changed my life forever....Im in....

The following tuesday I was in the back of a Van outside a garment factory waiting for the manager to close up for the night...Plan was...we rob him and then go back later n offer protection..So i was told...

I could see the guy through the windows of the old building. It was the only window with a light on and the whole scene looked like a kinda anti postcard..instead of "wish you were" woulda read....''Thank fuck your not there!!" 

All jokes aside though...when he came out the building and made his way for the car park....we pulled up along side him,guy in the front passenger seat hung out the window..."Hey Mikey....Times up pal" BANG BANG BANG "GO!!" the van pulled away rapidly. My heart was racing..."What the fuck just happened!? Rob the guy he said...Rob the guy!! You fucking clipped him?"  i shouted... but the triggerman calmly laughed and said..."You want in the life? This is how it is...Jimmy knows you can handle can handle it right Richie? Your not gonna become a...problem,that wouldnt be good"  I heard him loud n clear..."Me? a problem? You shoulda shot him for that jacket anyway" i joked,n we all laughed...but really...I knew i'd reached the deep end,still being a young pup myself....I didnt like it, I upped n left for west coast where after promising i'd go straight, I slipped back into my old ways...and it wasnt long before I was back in the life fully..

I've been highly successful and now,I consider myself an entrepreneur, a businessman if you will....cos afterall...theres no such thing as the Mafia....Right..... 
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Keep yer ears open n yer mouth shut

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14th Dec 2015

I.A.A Service Record
Name: Carla Cassel
Position: Operations Manager for LS branch of Criminal Organisation Taskforce (COT) in the Los Santos/Blaine County/Paleto Bay area

Synopsis: Carla was drafted into the I.A.A after completing her education due to her knowledge of drug usage, being seen as a asset in identifying different strains of various products. She proved herself in the field when working undercover in Liberty City to taking down the drug name 'Yay-o' from dealers. After her assignment in LC she began to prove herself as a  tactician and stealth operative. Her most  noticeable work was the elimination of Los Santos' Criminal Organisation 'Crime Corporation', which led to her promotion of Operations Manager of Criminal Organisation Taskforce.

1. Multiple accusations of unauthorised torture, entrapment, false imprisonment. After multiple investigations, all accusations were dismissed due to completion rate of assignments and positive publicity her department incurs.
2. Coercion of subordinates through sexual encounters.

Pysch Profile: Superiority complex, committed field agent, efficiency is precieving events regarding criminal gangs and organisations.

Current Case: Investigation of a criminal informant's death who was found with 'IAA' carved in his chest.
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Dirty Money : $???
Clean Money: $???
Cars Owned: Maibatsu Penumbra (Company Car)
Property Owned: House in North LS

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Name: Kyle Rayner

Age: 21

D.O.B: 25/3/1995

P.O.B: London, England

Criminal History:
3 counts of Grand Theft Auto
1 count of Felony Hit and Run
2 counts of Murder (Lack of evidence - Released from custody)
12 counts of Shoplifting (charged for 4 - Lack of evidence)
1 count of Armed Robbery
3 counts of Assault and Battery
1 count of Illegal Street Racing

Employment: Drug Dealer and Smuggler

Brief History:
From an early age he lived with his father in Liberty City until his father had had enough of his crimes and petulant behavior. He booked one flight to San Andreas where he was homeless and resorted to progressively worse crimes in order to stay financially afloat. After 3 years of living homeless he was approached by a man named Josef, who set him up with some high paying drug jobs where he earned himself a nice wage. He then lived in Vinewood with a lot of cars and all the money he could ever need. Until he was mugged by an unknown assailant who he hunts to this very day.
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Vehicle(s): Sabre Turbo

Clean Money: $2000

Dirty Money: $0

Properties owned: Eclipse Towers Penthouse 2

'In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends' - Martin Luther King, Jr.

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8th Jan 2016

• Azrael "Death" Rizzo
• 22
• 12/08/1993
• Little Italy, New York
• Juvenile Record: 3 counts of Assault & Battery, 2 counts of B/E, and 2 counts of probation AWOL
Adult Record: Clean
• Hitman
• "The name is Azrael. " I slam back a shot. " You know since I have got into this city I have scared anyone who looks at me. Please sir, I mean no disrespect when I say this but if I am ever betrayed, you better kill me."
"With that out of the way. I grew up in Liberty City. Son of a single parent my dad had a hard time when my mom passed, he blamed me. She died giving birth to me and so dad, being the charmer he is, named me after Azrael the Arch Angel of Death. Pops started at the bottom of the Sicilian Mafia working with Uncle Leone. He made his way to Consigliore." Slams back another shot and lights up a cigar. "At my young age I learned the ropes of the business. Although business was never talked in front of me since I was just a child, the muscle could always be bribed to inform me on what my dad was doing. I trusted that family. When I was 12 Uncle Leone had his consigliore whacked because of a deal gone sour. That was my pops. He never saw it coming. I trusted that slimy that bastard Leone and so did my dad. Only Leone never trusted any one else." Takes another two shots. "Look im sorry, but this is touchy. Everyone thinks Claude killed Salvatore Leone. But I swore to my father, as he lay at my feet bleeding I'd kll Leone. The killer looked at me and passed on a message. Leone wanted me to know that "Every dog has its day".
"My Aunt Seraphina knew she had to get me out of Liberty City. So just like that I was on a plane to Los Santos. I never was a kid to stay out of trouble and soon found myself in a bad crowd. I needed to get out of Los Santos for awhile and fulfill a promise I had made. Claude was with me the day I killed Leone. I dont wanna share details but apparently someone else was there. I let Claude take the credit. I went back home to Los Santos." I rub the back of my neck and toss back another shot. "I met a guy when in Liberty City, tied down by family too, named Packie McReary. We met through a connection my aunt had. Packie is an idoit but he is a reliable guy. We robbed the wrong guy and I managed to buy Packie time to get out. I got snatched. Needless to say he got me into some trouble with a man named Madrazo. Now Madrazo, being the feared man he is, has an eye for talent. I became his hitman. I took down countless lives and was bound clean. LSPD has 147 cold cases thanks to me. That is until I came across a family, The Mercanti Family."
"Fucking snakes they were. I was crossed by them all and left out to dry. So I started taking them all out. With the help of a trusted friend of mine Jackal. Things had gone south and I went into hiding, recently I received a call from Jackal telling me to come here. So with that you have my story,"
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Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil

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The Name is Thomas James Caroline or Thomas Caroline or Thomas I was born to Trevor Caroline and Molly Caroline in las ventures on 2/15/1987 My father was the owner of a cab company and my mother work at a school my childhood good teen life i did some shoplifting got good at after high school i went to collage i did do store robbery during then after graduating My parents were kill inthe car crash with the money i kept and earn after a bank robbery i move here the day after last chirstmas so far i made a bank robbery i am looking to get in the crime world here so yea that my story.
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Name: Wolfe, Nicholas
DOB: December 12, 1992
Place of Birth: Dukes, Liberty City
Nationality: Irish-American

"Not much to say. My Da was with the Provisional IRA, you know about them, aye? Anyway, never really had an easy life, growing up in Dukes. Was a lookout for the McReary gang back in Junior High... Dropped out after that. Packie, and my Da taught me the basics... Had a Serb teach me some shite, too.. Nice guy, friend of Packie's. Anyway, shite got crazy, I just rolled through life, not taking much risks, dealt drugs and shite... Once I turned 21, my Da kicked me out, not important why. Anyway, ended up booking a flight to LS.... Now I'm here. Been here since '13.

Let's be clear, I'll be cool with you, if you're cool with me, deal? Good lad. Now, let's go make some feckin' money."
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    Hello, My name is Timothy, but everyone just calls me Zero. I am 20 years of age according to the Liberty City Database. I was born on February 16th. I was born in a small town in the midwest called *Classified* and due to birth defects i was taken to Liberty City where my family decided to move there so if I every had any big issues again that I could just be taken down the street to be treated. I later moved to vice city where I got arrested for attempting to murder the mayor at the age of 13, I was "let out" of Juvie at the age of 14, I later that year decided to break into a Airport and hitch a ride in the cargo bay of a jet and make a break for the Big city. but when we were almost there a bird got into one of the engines and we crash landed a few miles away from shore of a little town called Paleto Bay. I got picked up by a boat of fisher men, I then killed them all by putting their heads into the blades of the boat and by stabbing another in the eye with a MASSIVE hook. I then stole the boat and went to shore. I then stole a car and drove to another small town called Sandy Shores where my aunt lived. After telling her what had happened she still let me stay there till I was 19 when she died from a "Accidental" bullet through the brain. After she died I took everything she owned and moved into Los Santos. Once I got there I got accepted to a crew called Crime Corp, and after a few years with them they had been... destroyed by a evil gang of people called the Armenians. And thats where I am now, At the age of 20 killing every Armenian in sight and still robbing convenience stores for a quick buck

Signature Picture

My name is know by many as "Zero the whisper" because I'm silent and gone in an instant but I can leave a devastating impact on those who should choose to listen when they shouldn't be. I am a force to be reckoned with.

Illegal: $0
Legal: $90,000
Properties owned:
Cars owned: The Spawn

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NAME: Sam Pal
ALIAS: Samuel Pal, Erik Hallbacker
DOB: 04-17-1989
BORN: Vice City, FL
HEIGHT: 5’11”
ETHNICITY/RACE: Sub-Continental Asian (Indian)

Believed to have worked with a crime syndicate (CrimeCorperation) Failure to acquire sufficient evidence against Sam Pal allowed him to not be incarcerated.

Mother killed in 4 car collision. Father is a FIB Server Security Specialist.

Sam was raised in downtown Vice City,FL. His father loved the city and raised Sam as a hacker and spent a great deal of time in Fort Baxter Air Base. From early on James was taught to skillfully hack into military communications. James was very well versed in many types of firearms while he grew up as he was taught how to use them from Major Cormak of the US Marines. During this time Sam did not attend public school and was instead taught in military school and was required to join the US Army through Officer Candidate School.

After joining the Army as an officer Sam retired his hacking tactics and became a very skilled sharpshooter. In his first month Sam had earned the President's Hundred Tab, setting a new record for the army. In the next year Sam had successfully earned the Ranger Tab and joined the 75th Ranger Regiment. Soon after Sam earned the Special Forces Tab and became an active member of 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta. In his last year of enlisted duty, Delta 3-4 was pinned down in Baghdad, Iraq while on a mission to assassinate[CLASSIFIED][CLASSIFIED][CLASSIFIED].

Sam sustained multiple gunshot wounds and nearly died while attempting to save a fellow member instead of himself. For these acts of bravery Sam was awarded the Purple Heart Medal and the Medal of Honor.After these events Sam stayed with the US Army for another 4 years.In 2013 Sam was released from the US Army honorably with a Distinguished Service Cross, a Silver Star, a Purple Heart, and a Medal of Honor.

Sam then moved in with his brother Shaun Pal in Los Santos. Following the death of Shaun Pal in the line of duty Sam Pal was given all of his possessions in his will.

Sam currently lives in penthouse 2 of Eclipse towers in Los Santos.
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"Sometimes a juror gets lost on their way to court, sometimes the can't shake that 'not guilty' feeling, sometimes me, or my associates make those things happen." -Sam Pal

Vehicles Owned: Ubermact Oracle
Property Owned: Up N' Atom, Vapid Narcotics Wharehouse
Real Estate Owned: House on Invention Ct. (Vespucci Canals)

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From: #$#*/"÷$!
Subject: background on Samantha “Broker” Tremont

I had one of my men do a full background before I started working with her, this should answer any questions you’ve still got.

Case file #72319 "The Broker" 


Basic Information
Birth Name: Samantha Tremont
Sex: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
DOB: 3/7/1990
POB: Schottler Medical Center, Liberty City

Physical Description
Height: 5'09
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown (has been known to dye hair in attempt to conceal identity)

Known aliases: Sherry Kenham, Alex Relgen, Erica Thompson, "S", "Broker"

Criminal record

Note: Getting a copy of this without raising any alarms took some doing Green, the police chief has a hardon for the kid

Possession of controlled substance (0.62 grams of cocaine) (tried as a minor and sentenced to 48 hours community service)

Possession of unregistered firearm (tried as a minor, forced to attend program for troubled youth)

Five counts of possession of controlled substance with intent to distribute (cocaine, marijuana, rohypnol, heroine, methamphetamine)
acquitted due to police evidence tampering

Suspected of involvement with Ancelotti crime family as black market firearm and drug distributer, never formally charged due to lack of evidence

Short bio
Sam was running drugs at 13, selling by 15, and managed to damn near monopolize the black market in Liberty City by 20. At 22 she started dealing in information, selling info about deals going down, corporate secrets, backdoors into nearly any companies records. She recently left liberty city, and her current whereabouts are unknown.

Full Bio >Coming Soon<
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Name: Vincent Ulysses Stansfield

Nicknames: Vince, Vinny (Doesn’t favor this nickname though)

Age: 25

Race: White

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color/Style: Brown/Shoulder length

Build (Height & Weight): 5’7/135 lbs.

Personality Traits: Vincent is a violent sociopath. He’s often prone to fits of rage, which can be triggered by even the slightest provocation e.g. he once punched a man in the face for lightly shoving him twice. He hates hypocrites, self-entitled douchebags, or just anyone who manages to annoy him in some fashion. One thing he can’t stand more than anything are those who are violent towards women and children. He does show genuine love and concern for his little sister Andrea, his mother, and shows a remarkably good relationship with his uncle Martin “Marty” Stansfield, an ex-convict turned lawyer. He does show a good amount of respect to the senior members of the Syndicate. With newer members of the Syndicate, Vincent often torments them with humiliating nicknames, threats of violence and sometimes forces them to do some of his work. Despite his distaste for violence towards women, he will defend himself from a woman attacking him if necessary. He also can’t tolerate boredom very well; he constantly tries to keep himself entertained in various ways. He shows a dislike for alcohol, so much so that he refuses to touch any kind of drink containing alcohol in it or any food flavored with alcohol.

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Signature Picture

Dirty Money : $35,000.00

Clean Money: $29,000.00

Vehicles owned: Declasse Sabre Turbo ((Brought this car with him from San Fierro))

Property owned: None. Lives with Sister at 12 Sustantica Rd

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