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17th Aug 2017

Subject: Blake “Blaze” Taberah

D.O.B: September 23rd, 1991

Legal Status:

Blake Taberah: Deceased as of September 10th, 2009, during a house fire which killed the entire Taberah family, due to extensive fire damage all family members were declared dead in absentia, as no remains could be identified in the ruins.

Blake Smith: An alias created using poor record keeping in a small north yankton hospital, this is the legal identity of a man who matches Taberah’s description, and was officially employed within the now defunct “Crimecorp”, a private contractor that operated security services in Los Santos several years ago. Criminal records completely clean, but records seem to indicate this identity going dark roughly a year ago.


An unusual man, Blaze showcases a near genius level intellect, and an exceptionally high level of eccentricity. Blaze has high level knowledge of chemistry and computer science, making him effective at producing drugs, utilizing explosives, and hacking. These competencies are undermined by an unhinged personality, as he shows heavy signs of dissociation, and will often take reckless and ridiculous actions with little regard for his, or anyone else's, mortality. He is also a habitual user of a wide variety of narcotics, and the rare occurrence of finding him not under the influence of at least one of them will showcase a deeply disturbed, machiavellian, and excessively violent individual with a propensity for execution by burning, and a complete lack of belief in the entire concept of morality.


Early life 

Born in 1991 to Jonathan and Catherine Taberah, Blake was the oldest of four siblings, raised on the family farm in rural michigan. All the records still in existence indicate a standard, happy childhood. It's not until the economic crash of 2008 and his families plunge into crippling debt that this picturesque life is challenged. Eventually this debt led to his parents being offered an ultimatum by maze bank, pay back the debt within seven months, or have the bank take possession of their farm. After learning of this Blake took to secretly growing marijuana and cooking methamphetamine to get the money his family needed. He sold the narcotics to a local street gang wholesale rather than distribute it himself in order to keep his activities hidden. This plan ultimately backfired though, as the viceroys, a street gang in a bitter rivalry with the one he was selling to, learned of their supplier, and on September 10th, 2009, they launched an attack on what they believed to be an unguarded farm. The attack led to the deaths of Blakes entire family, 8 of the gangsters, and the house being burned beyond recognition. Police investigation determined the fire to be accidental, and declared the family deceased in absentia as no remains could be identified in the ruins. Roughly a week later police discovered that the remote headquarters of the viceroys streetgang had been attacked, with evidence of several explosions, fire, and upwards of 18 deceased gang members. The official investigation quickly went cold, and it is suspected the police intentionally dedicated few resources to the case as the gang had been a thorn in their side for several years. Following this a string of unresolved massacres with the same M.O occurred across the country, but the victims being largely criminal themselves led to little police interest in investigating these incidents, and no official link has ever been made.

Arrival in Los Santos and Crimecorp

Taberah joined up with Crimecorp as what amounted to a hired gun soon after arriving in Los Santos, and quickly rose to a central position within the organization as an expert in explosives, drugs, and hacking. After a few months he was placed in charge of the newly formed Information Division, a group formed to handle jobs involving espionage, “cleaning”, information gathering, disinformation, and general covert actions by Crimecorp. Few records remain of their activities, but some details about the initiation process reveal that any member accepted into the division would first have their fingerprints permanently removed, first with the use of industrial grinders and later with a specialized chemical solution, both processes Taberah tested on and underwent himself. Later, Taberah would rise to a position as the head of Crimecorp following an event that put the organizations founder in an unresponsive Coma. This period was short lived however, and it is not long after Taberah took control that the series of events leading to Crimecorps fall occurred.

Santos Six and Typhon

Taberah is known to have joined up with members of the Santos Six several months ago, although unrelated events during his membership ultimately led to the groups dissolution soon after. Following this there was an attempt by some remaining members to reform into a PMC, but this ultimately failed as well, culminating in a shootout on the S.S Phoenix that left members scattered.

Since the Typhon incident

The first two months saw large amounts of traveling around the world, although the purpose behind this is unclear. Recent months have seen him establish himself as a major supplier and dealer of a variety of narcotics, some of which have still not been officially identified, within Blaine County. There is also evidence of involvement with an isolated community, although attempts to investigate these events have been unsuccessful so far.
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Gamertag: rbn blaze
Steam: Nukabot
Roles: Explosives Expert, Hacker, Chemist
Roles: Infiltrator, Black Market Contact

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22nd Aug 2017


Personal Details (Previous file on this suspect shown to be inconsistent/ possibly fraudulent, data entry personnel under investigation)

Name: Louis Johnson

Alias: Speed, Lou, LJ

P.O.B: Manchester, England

D.O.B: May 1992

Affiliations: Crimecorp (defunct) Santos Six (defunct) Various street level gangs - Ongoing

Criminal Record (this may have also been false in previous file)

2003: Assault - Therapy sessions issued - Treatment not completed
2003: Vandalism - Court case dropped
2004: Theft (Mountain bike, BMX, Laptop) Goods returned - 2 months in Youth rehabilitation clinic
2006 - Auto Theft (Moped), Property Damage, Resisting Arrest - 4 Months in Special Rehabilitation School
2008 - Driving without a license, D.U.I - £400 fine - Fine Paid
2009 - Arson - 2 year suspended sentence
2012 - Stopped for broken Taillight - $80 fine
2012 - 5 Harassment Counts - 5 restraining orders - 4 Month Suspended Sentence
2013 - Illegal Street Racing - Car Seized - Fine Unpaid - Car Crushed
2014 - GBH - 6 Month Prison Sentence

Born to a working class family in 1992, Louis suffered a rough childhood, often getting into fights and having a local reputation as a problem child. Despite this, Louis showed a keen affinity for vehicles, which his father pushed him to try and pursue. When not on the streets, even at a young age, Louis would be found under a vehicle or tinkering with mechanisms. Louis still suffered from behavioral issues however and was arrested at age 11 for assaulting a teacher after the teacher said his name wrong. His court mandated therapy sessions were never completed as Louis stopped turning up and they were eventually given up. The same year Louis found himself in court for breaking a garage window, however the case was dropped due to lack of evidence as no security footage was found. Louis spent two months in a clinic for troubled youths after trying to steal and sell goods worth 500 pounds in 2004. The next ten years would see a spate of arrests for various crimes including Arson (set fire to a council building after his parents were evicted for non payment of rent), Harassment ( worked as a enforcer for various local gangs but no links were found so restraining orders placed instead) and GBH ( assaulted an ex girlfriends brother with a lead pipe for screwing her out of money). Louis moved to America in 2011 to start anew. However after the fall of the organization known as 'Santos Six' Louis ventured home and fell in with a gang ran by David Clark, smuggling drugs and weapons via different cars. It is suspected Louis is now in Los Santos however after a deal gone wrong left David Clark injured and Louis missing.


During his various stints in clinics and prison, Louis has learnt how to speak Spanish, shown high proficiency in various computer based tasks (suspected of fraud but cannot be confirmed at this time) and has completed various courses in vehicle based mechanics. During his time with Crimecorp and Santos six, Louis honed his driving skills and developed a deep seated pleasure in torture and fire. Has been known to carry a jerry can of kerosene in his car at all times. Also suspected of having access to C4 and various lethal weapons.


Easy to anger, trustworthy, Slightly unhinged and reliable in a jam.

Current Location
Unknown (suspected of being Los Santos)
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Dirty Money: $5,000
Clean Money: $25,850.00
Vehicles Owned: Sultan RS, Dewbauchee Rapid GT (THE GOD-DAMN SPY CAR!)
Property Owned: 3 Bedroom house in El Burro Heights, Co-owner of Gavs Cash Exchange (Fence Racket)
Gamertag: Petrolhead999

Last Edit: 22nd Aug 2017 by Louis "Speed" Johnson
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27th Aug 2017

Name: Olivia Duncan

Alias: Duncan

Place of Birth: St. Cloud, Minnesota USA

Date of Birth: Oct. 13, 1987

Criminal Record

2012: Car Theft
Sentence: Community Service Hours

2012: Burglary
Sentence: Community Service Hours

2013: Murder
Sentence: Six Months in Prison Due to Lack of Evidence


Olivia Duncan, a veteran of the United States Army, had a very pleasant home life. When she graduated from high school, she enlisted into the military and served five years. Although she wasn't allowed to be in an infantry unit, she had her fair share of combat as the base she was stationed at was subject to multiple insurgency attacks.

Once she was out of the military, she returned to Minnesota but as there was nothing she could do career wise she took the next flight to Los Santos. She worked odd jobs and occasionally committed minor crimes, only being caught twice. It took a while to set herself up in an apartment, but the moment she did, Duncan started to search from possible long term jobs.

She joined up with a security company that had hired as many criminals as it had veterans by the name of Crime Corp. Duncan worked with countless other members and climbed the ranks of the organization. It was with the money she earned doing jobs, some illegal and some legal, that she purchased the vineyard just outside the city. However, Crime Corp soon fell as the head of the organization was put in a coma leaving all of the members to scatter.

Duncan remained under the radar and continued to work at her vineyard, perfecting every business aspect possible and having parties thrown every weekend. A few years later, a PMC (Merrywether) that had been the source of much conflict to Crime Corp attacked the vineyard seeking vengeance. Duncan survived, and not long after, was contacted by an old friend about the start of a new organization.

The organization was called 'The Santos Six'. Not much is known about Duncan's involvement in the said organization other than she held a high position in the hierarchy. Months later she was admitted to the hospital alongside another high priority member. A bullet has grazed her skill as she and the other 'Top Dog' or 'Phoenix' were discussing a small gathering at her vineyard. When she discharged herself from the hospital, the first thing she did was go out to the scrapyard the organization owned and found two other members brutally torturing the man who had shot her. Needless to say, she finished the job.  
Not long after, she was on a plane to Paris, France with her then boyfriend to start a new life. Duncan had realized that she couldn't keep pushing herself to the max as she had been. She and her boyfriend settled down in France where she now owns and runs multiple vineyards, alongside the one she left in Los Santos.

Olivia Duncan is now married and has a child. She lives a clean life and enjoys the new line of work she in involved in.

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Last Edit: 27th Aug 2017 by Duncan
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