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1st Aug 2015

Dr. Axel Taylor, Olivia Duncan and Austin 'Winnipeg' Smith, high ranking officers of a undisclosed criminal organisation, were forced to abandon their posts after being threatened with imprisonment by a corrupt IAA official Carla Cassel. The trio had evidence against this official, that they came to an agreement of immunity while their organisation was ransacked and liqudated by a Paramiltary Contractor under control of Carla. The agreement was that they could stay out of jail if they were not involved in any criminal activity and paid subsidaries from some of the properties they had tenure over.
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Illegal Money: $0
Legal Money: $3,112,650
Owned Vehicles: Big Burtha, S.S. Peg
Owned Property:Blaze's Scrapyard
Income: $10 000 Clean, $0 Dirty

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12th Sep 2015

One year later, various organisations discovered the IAA had granted immunity to the former members of Crime Corporation. Out of fear of their organisations being targeted due to their former affliation with Crime Corporation, assassination hits.
Merryweather Strikes Back
Silent Assassin
Tempered by Fire, Turned into Glass
Hitting the Needle on the Head

The Darkest Storms

Low ranking members not deemed a threat also had to deal with various back-breaking trials of their own.
Back in the Game
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'Sometimes in life, you just need to light up a cigarette and walk on by. Other times you need to get a scapel to cut the tumour out.'

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