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Los Santos Gazette (7th Feb 2016)
Moderator Dr. Axel Taylor (X360/XB1) 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 7th Feb 2016
Los Santos Gazette

( Santos Six Roleplay News )
America's Next Top Stripper 2016 event at Vanilla Unicorn a hit
When we think of strippers we imagine the nasty sultry kind that turn to the corner after their shift to score some blow, but one business owner decided to rebrand the image of strippers into well-respected members of a establishment which main focus is on entertainment. Tyrese Jones, known to his close friends as 'Rok', decided to run the event in an attempt to broaden his business outstretch from the lonely middle-aged man to the opposite gender and even to LGBT patrons. The Unicorn has branched into a gay/ladies night which will be held every Tuesday and 'Tranny Thursday', which so far as recieved positive praise from visitor in Sandy Shores. Tyrese Jones as expressed 'It was hard to find the right stripper for the job, it was a great laugh aswell considering some of the strippers were males posing as females. One guy lost $20 thinking it was a woman. We look forward to hearing more great things about the Vanilla Unicorn in the coming weeks, maybe we will be seeing the owner strip teasing on week, Mr. Jones couldn't comment.

'Black Guy Helicopter' Viral Video hit with the rednecks
Rednecks around the country have PMSL'ed and LMAO'ed
so hard that the internet has ended up that the spread of idiocy has become unbearable. Earl Jackson, a regular patron at the Yellow Jack Inn, has become the talk of the redneck community when he recorded a African American man in a helicopter screaming and crying while they tried to land the vehicle. 'I could not believe that a n*gger was in a helicopter' he started, using a couple more racial slurs which we will not print. 'He was screaming at some white haired man he looked old enough to be my brother/nephew, and some pretty boy'. Mr Jackson has come out with his own phrase while in the video, 'N*ggers can't fly, they swing' which has become a internet meme. Unfortunately we were unable to get a location in the video and Mr. Jackson doesn't remember because he was heavily influenced by alcohol. (Way to go 'Murica... Setting up back fifty f*cking years.)

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7th Feb 2016 Damien Reid
Is this going to become a thing? "White haired man"
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