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Santos Six Roleplay News 13th Nov 2016
Moderator Dr. Axel Taylor (X360/XB1) 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 13th Nov 2016
Santos Six Roleplay News


Admin Axel Taylor here to give you a update on recent changes to the website and a new system that has been put it. FOLLOW ME THIS WAY

Rosters Added
I have added in Rosters which can be found on the top left of the panels sections above 'Who's Online'.
. The list only consists of those who are in the ranks 'Advisors', 'Members' and newly 'Law Enforcement' (Will get to that in a moment)

  • America/Canada/South America Members: Members who are living in the western side of the world can apply to be put into this roster to help people again with journals people who have been inactive over 7 days will have a line through their name stating that they haven't been active for over 7 days. It is to help with people setting your journals etc. who need body doubles
  • United Kingdom/Europe Members: Take a guess not that hard
  • Ambassadors: These are members who are in a alternate crew and want to either work with us or we work with them

Rank Added
I have recently added a new rank for members who want to have characters which are more involved in Law Enforcement (From IAA to LSPD... And mall cop if you wanted) if people choose to go for this rank additional rosters will be set up for the crims and the cops and so on.

As the end of a storyline I spent a while working on comes to a close I hope to see more activity within the roleplay build and develop with time. Remember you are free to spot your own storylines in Secondary Contracts section any time. Gives me something to read.

- Axel Taylor, signing off

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