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Santos Six Roleplay News 27th Nov 2016
Moderator Dr. Axel Taylor (X360/XB1) 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 27th Nov 2016
Santos Six Roleplay News

So I wanted to address a few things that have been brought up or seen as a potential issue in the future.

  • I will not be going into delve into domestic terrorism, no no no. That is a subject I refuse to go into considering the current events , so let us not worry about that.
  • Yes there is a target on people's backs, but that doesn't mean you are limited in what you can do as Secondary Contracts. You are still free to do them at them as you previous played, but factor in that you are wanted by everyone, just remain dilligent and leave no trails.
  • The Law Enforcement section you can apply a character for, this is a great platform to introduce such characters TAKE ADVANTAGE.
  • Speaking of Secondary Contracts, you have free reign to post any job which you might want to do. Do it for your enjoyment, you can still take part in major journals when they get announced, but don't feel you have to wait to do things.

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